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Welcome to Next Discoveries

Our mission is to reach as many people with our programs around the globe. We believe that each person can live the life they desire. A life with purpose, in loving connection and a feeling of freedom. To fulfill our mision we’ve developed several boost programs to make sure you can create the life you desire.
Are you looking for a loving relationshipwork where you get energy from, health and a feeling of freedom? The feeling that there is more in life? But why don’t we succeed? Our powerful programs will give you the tools to be the captain of your ship again!


Discovery is about you! Your dreams, your relationships, your work, your heart and your commitment. Uncovering what is in the way to feel free, powerful and authentic. Discovering that we are all connected in a mysterious yet natural way. Getting a new set of eyes to see what has always been there but went unnoticed for you. Welcome to the magical journey that starts with Discovery!

Ontdek wat jou drijft in het leven


Mastery is a powerful inquiry into some of the most fundamental questions of life. Consider the areas of your life that matter most to you: relationships, family, career, finances, community. How is it possible to take those areas of your life to the next level? What is that next level for you? How can you continually create breakthroughs in your life? Mastery will help you to identify what guides you. It will offer you practices and tools for mastery so that you can achieve spectacular results.

Luxe Retreat


By the issues of the day we often forget to have some me-time. A demanding job, a loving family and a nice social life, it all demands your attention. While having me-time is just as important, if not necessary! This is your chance to take time for yourself and really focus on you and your needs! Wisdom is a treat for all your senses: You become aware of your body and mind during meditation, inspirational coaching sessions and breath work!

Start met het leven te creëren waar je van droomt

Online mini Discovery

We know that we have one of the best products, but you really have to experience it before you really get it! Of course it's not the full package - because there is no trainer, coaching and the most important a group of people around you - but with these online version you can get a taste of what Discovery has to offer.



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Jeff Cosby
Jeff Cosby
"Each and everyone of us has a unique gift to give in the world."
More than 40 years ago I started with this work.  A friend of college did the first transformation training in the US and told me about it. I said “okay” and it changed everything for me. It touches my heart if people truly live life instead of just exist, survive, get by, tolerate life.  When people are going to see that they can create the life they want and express who there are. That gives meaning to my life.  I’ve spend my life guiding people on their own journey. I see myself as a person that stands for what is possible. That’s the joy for me of doing this work, is to be with people about what matters most to them. That everyone can create a life that they want and see that it’s possible. I work mostly in larger groups and also develop facilitators and training. Thats the other thing that my passion and love is.  so that theirs many people doing this work, not just me. There are thousands of people around the world that are a part of the transformation. Each and every one of us has a gift, has a essence that is unique and longing to be expressed. If you give yourself that gift of stepping into one of our programs and get outside of what you know. You will find an incredible rich and fulfilling life. I want people to have that experience and that’s why I spent my life doing this. It was giving to me as a gift, and I love people to have that gift.
Jeff Cosby - Trainer


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14 years ago we met each other at our first training. Jeff Cosby was the trainer and for the first time in the Netherlands. It was the start of an amazing journey and friendship together. Read more here.